Morro dos Pescadores, Rio de Janeiro

Monday, January 03, 2005

The New Year

This is not really for divulgation. Rather, it is only my effort to get this blog started, and the New Year is a good time to do it. I would like to say it is full of promise, but in fact I see danger at every turn; openings to turn the situation around sparce; and a leader most notable for a simplistic view of the rest of the world and an dangerous insistance on ideological purity. All this leaves me pessimistic and afraid.


Dalva said...

And... hi, friend! Why didn't you write here since then????? we have some pessimistic views, but we must go on! Come ond, and write, OK? hugs from faaaaaaaaar Brazil, my name is Dalva.

Kendall said...

Why nothing else since my first posting? Pregiça. No, not really. Falta de tempo? That's more like it--or just that my sense of time is more dilated than that of most mortals. You're not the Dalva, are you? Amiga da Neila? Anyway, Brazil isn't soooooo far . . . Deu pra você aprender nosso lingua, não é.! My pessimism still reigns, and probably will at least as long as our current President is in office. And I read troubling things comming out of Brazil too.

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